Laiwu Tourism School is a full-time secondary vocational education school, which is recorded by the provincial education department, and in the charged by the Education Bureau of Laiwu City. Students will get two years¡¯ for knowledge learning, and one year for outschool internship here. After graduation, the degree of the national recognition secondary school diploma could be issued. Upholding the ¡°quality establishing the school, features strengthening the school, powerflourishing the school¡±, the school is developing rapidly.

   In Laiwu Tourism School, we have complete teaching facilities, abundant teachers. In a total number of teaching staff is over 50, more than 30 of which are professional teachers. School adheres to trend to the community, enterprises, also with the teaching procession under the establishment of a fine professional and good practice.

    The students of the school are guided to learn to know, to communicate, to work and to deal with others. In order to train top-ranking talent in tourism management and services. The school attaches importance to the professional education practical, basic education functional. The basic specialties are Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Foreign Language, Cooking, Art of PR(preschool education), Aviation Services, etc. The main subjects include Chinese, English, Japanese, mandarin, speech and eloquence, music, physique, tourism regulations, tour guide knowledge, food and beverages service, room service, etc. The students are the tourism service positions, after two-year¡¯s inschool theory, technical ability learning, one-year¡¯s internship.

    To learn the advanced service idea and management experience, enlarge the areas of the internship and employment, we have good cooperation with Japanese Educational Society, according to the cooperation we can supply students to go aborad for prodessional internship. After back to China, the all get a high favor of the local employers.

    We also have a good relationship of long-term cooperation with the well known sceneries, Stars Hotels and restaurants and we also supply our graduates the right to choose to go on further study and work in Japan and Singapore.

    Up to now, the total assignment of the abroad internship trainees are over 500 to Japan and over 200 to Singapore. Graduates throughout the big and medium-sized cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Laiwu, etc. The employment rate is nearly 100 ¨G, which has been the wide acclaim of the community.

    As the emphasised secondary vocational education school of Laiwu City, we are trying to combine efforts to humanities, science, skills, education, create harmony and mutual assistance and the free development of the educational environment, trying to train more practical tourism talents owning social science knowledge, in good moral character and the spirit of cooperation, also with independent thinking ability.
Warm welcome you to come and study in our school.

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